19 January 2016

Soundtrack to a road trip

Since I've moved towns, my summer road trips have become down right familiar. They take me back to where I grew up, along a road I've travelled a hundred times before. Each year we optimistically pile our kids, Christmas presents, pet, beach gear, party outfits and active wear into the car and set off for our little 3-hour journey down the Pacific Highway.  

I'm not getting to many festivals these days, or going off on spontaneous camping weekends with my mates, so this annual drive is one of my only chances to feel the carefree vibes of taking to the road, air-con in my hair and porta-cot jammed in behind my seat.

This time, we had so much gear we decided to take two cars, and on the return trip I get the kids while Tim has the dog. Luckily, I also get the CD stacker.

Since we're constantly trying to educate our 4.5 year old how to appreciate modern rock music, and since kids are such good learners, he now complains whenever we play anything that "doesn't have enough guitar in it". Ergo, the stacker is a constant rotation of albums which have good "dir-nir" bits in them, loud bits, riffs that you can strum along to on your air guitar while strapped in a 5-point harness.